THE GOLDEN PRIZON – Kindle edition by Kamaratou (Amazon)

A nightingale couple lived happily in their beautiful forest. One day, they were visited by a snake, which eventually managed to persuade the female nightingale to go and sing for the king of serpents, the awesome crocodile .The crocodile had the little nightingale imprisoned in a golden cage. Her partner, who couldn’t live without her, went to find her.
The story of the bible symbolically interpreted through the life of two nightingales.
HOPE AND THE BOY – Kindle Edition by Kamaratou (Amazon)

Following a volcanic eruption, a boy was left all alone. He was in despair until a sublimely beautiful girl appeared in front of him. She was the daughter of the Sun King and her name was Hope .She led the boy to another place. Eventually, when the girl had to go, the boy told her that he couldn’t live without her.
The meaning of hope presented through a tender story. 
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My nose is not only big, it is crooked too! Kids in kindergarten call me Big-Nose but our teacher scolds them. She says “You shouldn’t judge a person by his appearance. It is the person inside that matters!
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 My grandmother lives in a village and has five sisters. Her fifth sister is called Maroulia and she is a nag. I am very much like her. That’s what Dad says, and Mum too. But… Read this clever book about a girl who nags and nags and nags… until her grandmother gets the better of her!
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In this humorous book by best-selling author Irene Kamaratou-Gialoussi, children read a fun-filled story that tackles the subject of physical appearance. A subject which unfortunately preoccupies most children today.When Jimmy’s brother tells him that he is short as a thumbtack, ugly as a monkey and dumb as a weed, he believes him. His mum, however, shows him that what is important is not what others say, but what we believe. This is a fun-filled story that tackles the subject self-confidence and other people’s opinions of us in a humorous and clever way.